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To be a catalyst for positive change by spreading health, joy and compassion through the distillation of information about the plant-based lifestyle.

The Truth, and The Lie...

It's important for everyone to know that every single thing we do in this world has impact, and it's up to us to decide if it will be positive or negative. There are only two choices: the truth and the lie. I have come to understand that the truth is what we know deep in our hearts to be the most beneficial for everyone (including animals and the planet), without ego or strings attached. It is the unconditional love that makes us feel good, without guilt, fear, shame, greed etc... (as corny as that may sound)

Imagine that we knew every person and animal on Earth as a good friend. The truth is that we would do everything possible to alleviate their suffering if we knew they were going through it. Deep inside we are aware that participating in the torture and death of animals because we crave hamburgers, does not lie in the area of truth (if we are very honest with ourselves).

It may seem overwhelming to think about, so we just sweep our worries under the rug and pretend that our food choices have no consequence. Humans can create remarkable beauty and devastating horror, but it is the choice we have that makes us so special. It seems easier, sometimes, to follow the grain, but it can be just as simple and much more rewarding to walk in the other direction. It's time to take that other road that has been calling us.

We hope to shine some light on your path with the resources on this website, as you journey along with us :) Thank you so much for choosing this lifestyle! XO from all of us here at Beautiful Vegan.

                                      Conscious Evolution.